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Cloud Based Web Development:

Willow services has long been involved in web development projects and have recently taken the steps to include content management system technology to it clients.

The main reason was to promote value added services such as easy website editing, catalog & shopping cart services. Usually this technology can be very expensive and intimidating, but not with us as training and coaching services are available

We also provide one on one pre-booked training for various technologies.

Email Marketing:


Email Marketing has become a valuble means of communication with your customer base.

It improves customer access to your product details, specials, upgrades or replacements. It has a time & cost advantage over telephone and mailed letters.

It also serves as a great platform for communicating business related information regarding accounts, banking details or value added services. It saves paper and all the labour involved with sending letters, statements or quotations.

We provide many solutions for email marketing needs based on customer circumstances.

IT Support & Maintainence:

Ok...I know everyone, at some time had computer problems. We all love personal computers in business and personal environments. However, computers do break down or applications do fail. At Willow Services we have sufficient experience to tackle just about any computer related problem. Our Area of expertise is in the Microsoft Operating System environment starting with DOS to windows 7 or is it 8?

Anyway if it breaks and it is worth your while to have it fixed we will fix it for you. So dont worry. We dont like to be defeated by a machine.

As far as maintenance is concerned many computer uses adopts the attitude that if it is running don't try to fix it. This is OK in certain circumstances but preventative maintenance can save time and data loss. Regular backups help to reduce downtime and recapture work. One of our service includes a evaluation of the computer system setup from all aspects. we then suggest possible improvements in location, setup, hardware utilization and software versions.


Energy Research:


With the increasing cost of petrol and diesel it has become clear that the future needs alternative methods of energy generation. This is why we have joined in the research for possible future energy generation techniques.

Wind Energy:

The most popular use for wind energy has always been Wind mills, yet to more effectively utilize the wind energy we now use more widely seen wind energy generators. This is generated by a propeller facing into the wind connected to a shaft that turns a generators rotor. This form of energy is only available while the wind is blowing, therefore a storage mechanism using a (PPT)charger with batteries is normally used. To maximize this form of energy more efficient propeller designs have been designed with success.

Solar Energy:

“Solar panel” & “Solar heating” are descriptions that are regularly confused by uninformed individuals.

Solar Panel refers much more to the use of direct sunlight to create a chemical reaction in a substrate (Photo Voltaic Cell ) to cause a potential difference. This potential difference creates a current flow when a load is connected. Solar energy relies on direct sunlight, therefore effectiveness is reduced during cloudy days and is not an available source of energy at night.

Hydro Energy:

It is well known that water can be used as a form of energy by using a flowing stream or river through a turbine to run a magnetic ac generator, however water can also be split into hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis ( Passing an electric current through electrodes placed in the water electrolyte solution). This fuel is called by many names incl.:  HHO,  Browns Gas,  Hydroxy,  Water fuel.

Bio Energy:

Bio Energy refers to generating energy using a biological method or from biological sources. Certain Flowers and trees have oil that can be extracted and used as fuel once refined. New forms of extracting oil from old car tires and other waste that contains oil via a method of boiling it in water at super heated temperatures.

Magnetic Energy:

Magnetic energy refers to energy from a permanent magnet or alternating magnetic field source. New ways of extracting energy from magnets have been discovered and experimented with. The one that interests me most is the generation of magnetic energy from a permanent magnet using magnetic shielding. This does not create energy as much as it amplifies it. Energy is required to run the system, however it generates as much as 5 times  the energy it consumes, hence the term energy amplifier.